Cooking on Board: The Awesomest Breakfast Ever (Recipe)!

When we started our blog, we knew that sailing and cooking were going to be a major part of it. However, in the past weeks, we have been working and traveling so much that we hardly got together for any substantial amount of time, and we ended up eating out. Our Instagram feed got filled with beautiful pictures of food, but we did not get a chance to cook much, until we were… well, sailing 🙂

It is only natural that our first recipe post will be about cooking on a boat. And it’s one of our breakfast favourites – something that Artie affectionately calls “scrambled potatoes”. We are big fans of good breakfasts, and whenever we are in Greece, we do our best to make the most of the local ingredients, so for this one we used fresh local eggs, sweet red onions, and an island specialty called “Lefkas Salami”, which is just that – a dried sausage of coarsely chopped pork with whole peppercorns in it. Spicy!

For a hearty breakfast for two very hungry sailors (read: serves 4) we used:

– 5 medium fresh eggs
– a large red onion, cut in half and finely sliced into rings
– 1/2 stick of Lefkas Salami, chopped (you can use any other dried, coarsely ground cured meat, such as Italian coppa stagionata or Spanish chorizo)
– 1/2 lbs. (250 g) baby Amandine potatoes, cut into matchsticks
– 1 can of baked beans in tomato sauce
– a splash of virgin olive oil


Cooking with gas on a boat is a bit tricky at first. There are two burners on the stove, but the whole space is pretty confined, so it’s usually more comfortable to use just one. You also don’t want to leave the open flame burning unless something is cooking on it, which means two things:

– you want to slice and chop everything in advance and prepare it on a board before you light the gas, so you are not frantically looking for ingredients

– you want to have a kettle filled with water nearby, so you can put it on the burner when you lift the frying pan off. While you serve the eggs, your coffee is getting made 😉

Not much space in the galley… but we have everything ready 🙂

Once you are all set up and prepared, splash a bit of olive oil (not too much; the salami has chunks of lard in it) into a frying pan. Carefully light the gas, and place the pan on the burner, making sure the handle is not touching any hot parts. With an olivewood spatula, rake the sliced onions, potato matchsticks, and the diced salami into the pan and stir around until it starts sizzling. The onion and the salami will cook almost instantly, changing colour, so the whole thing looks a bit like this:

Potatoes and sausage
Sizzle sizzle! The onions are transparent already.

The potato matchsticks will take around 10 minutes to cook properly, so stir them around occasionally to fry evenly, and prevent the onion from sticking to the pan.

Once the potatoes are soft and slightly golden, beat in the eggs one by one, and allow to fry a bit before scrambling them into a nice pan of awesomeness:

Potatoes with egg
Scrambled and lovely.

Now you are ready to serve the eggs into individual plates. In the meantime, place the kettle on the burner to heat the water for coffee. While it is boiling, wipe the empty frying pan with a paper towel to remove the excess oil and bits of eggs, and empty a can of baked beans into it. We used a mystical Italian brand that we found at the local supermarket – the sauce was a bit loose for our taste, but they were gluten-free and did the job nicely.

After the coffee is done, replace the kettle with the pan again to give the beans a quick reduction:

Beans ready
The finishing touches.

Carefully shut off the gas, and divide the beans between plates. Take everything on deck, and enjoy a super breakfast with a view! 

Breakfast ready
This will give you the energy to sail all day 🙂


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