Love. Work. Live. Blog?

So, here it is, boys and girls.

To be absolutely honest, if we had a nickel, or a Euro coin, or whatever currency we are operating on this week, for every time we considered starting a blog together, we would not be rich, but it would make for an impressive pile of metal. Over the years, every time we moved to a new place, had a career change, or tried cooking a new recipe, we would sit down and fantasise. We could tell such amazing stories! Travel blog? Food blog? Drinks blog? Alcohol-free drinks blog? Gluten-free blog? We’d get excited, only to realise that with our busy schedules, it would never amount to more than a hobby. Besides, there are couples doing a very good job in every one of these niches. We don’t travel that far. We don’t cook that well. We don’t drink that much (or that little). We’re not that sick.

And yet, we have stories to tell. It took us over a decade to realise this, but every time we are introduced to new people, every time we explain the story of how we met, and every time we tell a stranger our plans for the upcoming week, there is a spark in their eyes. And so, our blog will be just that: a place to share our stories with friends and strangers from all over the globe, and give some practical tips to those who would like to make their life as a couple a little bit more of an adventure. Ultimately, our happily ever after is built on three simple rules:

1. Love

This, by far, is the hardest thing to learn in any relationship. We have been learning it every day since one foggy winter morning back in 2000, when we happened to share a cab from Heathrow on a school exchange trip. We were both sixteen. We took walks in dodgy parks until five in the morning. We shared a tiny umbrella and took turns to hold it. We ditched our friends and talked about the meaning of life on the house steps. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

Tying the knot. Santorini, Greece, 2008.

Falling in love is easy, especially when you are a teenager as we were then. Being in love is when it becomes complicated. Friends, families, and cultures; material possessions, physical distances, and minor annoying details – they all seem to be obstacles to being together. But, in fact, each one is a learning opportunity. Over the years, we have been over our share of speed bumps, and we still manage to find new ones as we go along. We’ll write about how we tackle them.

 2. Work

“Work is good for your soul”, said our friend and RYA sailing trainer Steve. Work keeps us sane. It drives us. It inspires us, and provides us with a sense of accomplishment. We both started working right after high school, and for most of our careers we have been working together. Between the two of us, we have 29 years (wow! that’s a nice marketing trick to use when you are trying to impress somebody) of experience in publishing, graphic design, marketing and advertising, as well as copywriting, translation, business consulting, and, most recently, fashion retailing and manufacturing. We’ve been busy beavers.

In the past several months, we are embarking on a work-related experiment. For the first time ever, we have diversified our projects so that we are not both working on the same thing at the same time. That involves quite some planning, a lot of travel, and sometimes only seeing each other once every couple of weeks. So far, we are loving it! Of course, we will post regular updates on how it goes.

 3. Live

Oh, we do, relentlessly! Sometimes chaotically, sometimes lazily, but always trying to turn everything into an adventure. We were born in different countries, and are each a mix of five different nationalities (at least one of which you have probably never heard of). We met in London, UK, while living in Prague, Czech Republic, and got married in Santorini, Greece, eight years later. Our families currently live in six different countries, and this year, we will be relocating to our fifth country of residence.

We sail yachts, we fly planes, and sometimes we take thousand-mile road trips. We enjoy seeing new places, and coming back to the ones we love. We like fine food, good wines, and interesting whiskies. We experiment in the kitchen, and we experiment in life. We are not trying to get it “right”, but sometimes we silently feel we’re onto something here… Join us for the ride!


Artie & Eddie

4 thoughts on “Love. Work. Live. Blog?

      1. You are most welcome 🙂 Coffee would be lovely, whenever you are in Vilnius, or I’ll be in UK in the beginning of June, just not too sure of how much London time I’ll have.


      2. You are most welcome! Coffee would be lovely, whenever you are in Vilnius. Or I’ll be in the UK first week of June 🙂

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